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I will be moving abroad and would need to spend a lot of money until I can set up a bank account there. What is the best way to optimize for a good exchange rate and merchant transaction costs?

More specifically, I'll be moving to the UK soon. Unfortunately, to set up a bank account, I'd need to rent a residence and to rent a residence I'd need to spend my money wisely at a good forex rate. To understand the problem more, I did some google-fu and realized that the solution should account for a few things.
- I need to use a service that is / can be attached to my Indian bank and can provide card banking facilities abroad with at a near-wholesale currency exchange rate. I want to avoid using cash-based transfer services there (eg: like what western union is usually used for).
- The service should also have the lowest possible transaction charges applied. Are there services that provide 0% markup on foreign merchant transactions or ATM withdrawals?
The service again, is just a temporary solution until I can set up a proper account abroad. I did discover that a forex card service can be used (Like Makemytrip's HDFC Prepaid), but I'm a bit nervous on understanding how it this actually works or if there's a hidden catch. I hope I can learn more about this.
This community has been super helpful with me so far, so thank you!
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A forex card is not only easy to use but also easy to load and reload in one’s preferred currency with money. HDFC Forex netbanking allows you to manage your forex card quite easily within India and even overseas. NetBanking. HDFC Bank offers a wide range of comprehensive transactions via its NetBanking channel across multiple products. Customers can check their account balance, book fixed ... Send money Instantly with HDFC Bank's Online Money Transfer Service. Simple & secure way to transfer money to bank account & easily settle utility and credit card bills. Well , you need to go to the respective bank branch(US bank ) , On the counter ask them to transfer your money from forex/travel card to your local bank account (US ... 'Indus Forex Card' is a new generation card which is presented to us by the IndusInd Bank which stores information in an encrypted format because of the chip which is embedded in it. It is the safest and easy way of carrying currency while traveli... HDFC Fund Transfer facility lets you transfer money from HDFC Bank to any other bank account. You can send money from HDFC to HDFC or other bank accounts like SBI, PNB, ICICI, Axis and the like banks. To transfer funds from your account to other, you’ll need to activate net banking or mobile banking service of the bank. Money Transfer. NEFT (Available 24 * 7) UPI (Instant Mobile Money Transfer) IMPS (Immediate Payment 24 * 7) RTGS (Real Time large payment on all working days) RemitNow (Foreign Outward Remittance) Remittance (International Money Transfers ) Visa CardPay; Cards. Millennia Cards; Credit Cards; Commercial Credit Cards; Debit Cards; Prepaid Cards; Forex Cards; Bill Payments. Electricity Bill ... Www Hdfc Bank Forex Card And Can You Transfer Money From Forex Card To Bank Account Where to buy 2019 Ads, Deals and Sales.

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[हिंदी] Use HDFC fund transfer facility to transfer money from HDFC to SBI, HDFC to HDFC, or any other bank. In this video I'll be showing you how to transfe... You can transfer funds online from HDFC bank to any bank account using HDFC third party transfer tab. This is first video of HDFC net banking video series wh... Join Fiverr and discover the fastest way to hire freelancers, for any online project. Thank me later! 1)क्या आप भी एक्सेस नहीं कर पा ... Travelling Abroad? Load multiple foreign currencies on this Single Card. Thomas Cook's prepaid Forex Card should be in every traveler’s wallet. Buy forex at ... Know how to transfer fund using HDFC mobile banking service. Transfer money from HDFC to HDFC or any other bank account from your HDFC mobile banking app. HD... Follow me on Instagram @parthvijayvergiya BookmyForex - DRONE FOOTAGE BY HDFC Bank's Forex-card could put you in trouble while you are banged abroad. how to transfer money from credit card to bank account without any charges Transfer Credit Card Balance to Bank Account Free ~~~~~... 5 Things you need to Know about Forex Cards. Travelling Abroad - Looking forward to Take Money. Here are the list of 5 things you must know to make the best ... Chapter#11: Multi Currency Wallet System:Single Currency:Issuing:Payment Schemes - Duration: 21:16. Card & Payment Expert Ramesh Chugh 5,267 views